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Need to reach me for any rhyme or reason (including to give me criticism on how I play Iris) and PMs just aren't cutting it for you? This is the place to reach me.

Comments are screened; anonymous commenting IS enabled; IP logging is turned off.
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Age: ~26
Species: Human
Medical Info: Nothing unusual; Iris is a healthy, able-bodied human who gets plenty of regular exercise.

  • spontaneous caffeine generation: Iris can summon a cup of freshly brewed caffeinated goodness (usually coffee with cream) from hyperspace. Her beverage of choice, however, must always contain some trace amount of caffeine.

  • omnilingualism: Iris can communicate in other languages, without prior knowledge or training, simply by either reading OR hearing it out loud. However, this power doesn't extend to animals or technology.

  • non-imPort related: Iris is a skilled markswoman and boxer, and can even hold her own in (non-metahuman) combat should the need arise. Additionally, she's a journalist (and blogger) by trade, and prides herself on her writing ability.

  • Notes for the Psychics: PM me for squicky stuff like "mindrape," but if they want to know her thoughts on pretentious authors? Go for it. Just let me know so I can adjust her narration!
    Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: If it's for something funny and minor (ie, spitting on him)? Go for it! If we're doing something ultra serious like a bodyswap... let's talk it out on a case-by-case basis.
    Maim/Murder/Death: Case-by-case basis. I'd prefer to avoid permadeath, but PM me and we can work something out.
    Romance: Iris is happily taken, but unrequited crushes are always fine!
    Kissing/Hugging: Go for it!
    Cooking: Average. Not the worst thing you've eaten, but not the best either. Her coffee, on the other hand, is phenomenal - even when she doesn't summon it from thin air.

    Threadjacking: Go for it unless it's supposed to be a private conversation.
    Backtagging: YES PLEASE. Feel free to keep a thread going for weeks or months if need be! You're also free to tag old posts that haven't been touched, though I may be slow to respond with those.
    Fourthwalling: Yes! Iris may not take it well IC, but they're always fun threads OOC.
    Canon puncturing: Yes! Let her know about the comics, or her own TV show should that ever arise.


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